Correct Usage Instructions
For N-Force 'Foliar Program'

Mild Application 10ml N-Force / 1L H2O
Medium Application 20ml N-Force / 1L H2O
Heavy Heavy 35ml N-Force / 1L H2O

Follow These Instructions

The following instructions are based on 10ml N-FORCE / 1L H2O

  1. N-FORCE is to be stored in a shaded area, not in direct sunlight
  2. Fill your spray device with 1L of suitable H2O that is room temperature.
  3. Shake the bottle of N-FORCE well for 30sec before measuring.
  4. Add 10ml of N-FORCE to the 1L of H2O in the spray tank.
  5. Add wetting agent / surfactant.
  6. Shake, agitate and mix the combination of N-FORCE / H2O / Wetting agent or Surfactant well before spraying.
  7. Liberally spray the entire plant till run-off occurs.
  8. Do not apply N-Force to your garden when your plants are exposed to direct sun/grow lights. Application must be completed with a minimum of 2 hrs before being under direct sun/grow lights.
  9. Apply N-FORCE twice a week during vegetative stage all the way through to the end of the second week of flower. Do not apply past the end of your second week of flower.

**Start with a dilution rate of 10 ml N-Force / 1 L H2O, and apply to a small test area. Wait 3-4 days before applying the second spray, and see how your plants liked the N-Force.**

If you would like to apply a Medium or Heavy mixture, perform a test on a small area. Apply a medium dose to a few plants, wait 3-4 days before applying your second medium dose.
If this is being used in conjunction with an IPM program, wait 24hrs before applying any other foliar sprays. If this is not being used in conjunction with an IPM program or other sprays, rinse the plants down with water 24hrs later.
This process will allow you to determine whether or not you can apply a medium or heavy dose.

Use an applicator best suited for the job.
(hand spray, pump spray, atomizer, paint spray)

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