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N-Force is an all natural, earth friendly solution. Our 'Foliar Program' is great for indoor & outdoor gardens.

The Origins of N-Force

N-FORCE was developed over 20 years in the Kootenay Mountain of British Columbia by farmers who sought a more holistic approach. We have continued their tradition by perfecting the products and keeping manufacturing in Canada. Use as directed and expect results that will make you happy.

Our Ingredients

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Wholesale Opportunities for Earth Friendly Entrepreneurs

Part of our mission at N-Force is to have ecologically responsible products like ours eventually replace the current products on the market chalked full of toxins and harmful chemicals. If you're a retailer or distributor that would like to help us achieve that goal, we have a program for you.

Join the N-Force wholesaler program and receive bulk orders at a discount, and help spread the word of earth friendly, ethical products that make a difference not only to the quality of your final product but to the health of our planet.

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